Monday, June 30, 2014

June day 152 - 181

June's photos of the day!

Ice cream with friends to celebrate Corinne's birthday!

Abby excited for her CLO drama camp!! 

Pretty awesome field trip. Even got to go into pirates locker room!

Maddie insisted on having her summer birthday celebration at school ON the day of their Bugz play. She said it would just make the day even MORE exciting.

 Having an adventure this week taking abby to her CLO camp downtown everyday. Yesterday we rode the T under the river. Today we are riding the bus!

Can you even believe that THIS is my shy, little, Maddie performing and shaking her hips like that!!! She wowed us all at her Bugz play last night!

Getting ice cream since everyone else got to go the pirate game! And hoping it helps maddie who has another sinus infection/fever.

Corinne LOVES her new Princess tent she got from her BFF for her birthday!! I think Abby might like it too.  lol 

 Maddie had to go to the hospital because of very low blood counts. They at least made it really fun for her while we waited and it all ended up just being from a virus! Thank God!

Soooo happy to see her smiling with her friends at discovery day!!! We are getting ready for the helicopter to land!!!

 Samantha got to sing the national anthem at the Pirate game with her 3rd grade class! Corinne ate peanuts the whole time!        

 Another one of my cute from Pirate game last night! 

What a fun day at Samantha's 3rd grade party for her last year at Burchfield!! Seems like I was just putting her on the bus for kindergarten! The kids LOVED the photo booth! Even their principal Mr. Rojik got in on it 

She made it all the way across the monkey bars by herself for the first time today!  She kept saying "I just want to do it so then I'm a REAL monkey". lol

 The best Daddy 4 little girls could ever ask for 

FIrst practice as an official sea dog! She moved up from sea puppy!

Finally the last day of school!!! Sammi was already crying  She is going to miss Burchfield so much.

 She waited for Daddy to come home from his trip to lose her first tooth!!! She is so excited! 

She hasn't quite figured steering out yet, but she was awfully proud of herself for biking around the block with us tonight! 

She is always the entertainment for everyone at softball games!

Maddie's last softball game! They went to the championship!

Fun day at Kennywood! 

The girls had a blast at camp today!! Corinne got to go for the first time and she loved it! She didn't even say bye to me and told me all about going in a bouncy house!  I spent the day starting to switch the girls bedrooms. It is a lot of work but at least I got to work without interruptions!

What a busy two days! 4 hours goes REALLY fast when the kids aren't here! I'll post more pictures tomorrow but the girls were REALLY excited to spend their first night in bunk beds!

Room switch!! First time in almost 10 years we don't have any kind of crib/toddler bed!

Got report cards today! All A's from both girls for the whole year!! So proud of them! We will have to celebrate when Sammi gets back from Girl Scout camp! Definitely going to miss her!

Flowers from our garden! 

Loving the zoo!!!

Fun at the Children's Museum today with some of our best friends!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May days 121-151

Throw back Thursday! Hard to believe baby Corinny will be 3 this month! And I'm very relieved that Abby finally likes her! haha 


How the girls watch their sister play soccer! Will it ever warm up for these sports games?!

Another win! And the sun actually shone for half the game!  Sorry probably half my pictures from now till June will be softball pictures. lol

Having fun at another game! They lucked out the concession stand is open. I think this one needs a caption!

I think we have successfully given up binkys!! It's been 2 naps and 1 night in with a few tears but considering how stubborn she can be it has gone surprisingly well! She has loved getting lollipops as rewards from the binky fairy! UPDATE: She did not sleep well or nap well even though she gave them up with not too much trouble.  She couldn't fall asleep at night or nap and was waking in the middle of the night so we gave her binkys back! only for bed and sometimes the car though :)  

 Corinny's birthday dress     it!!!!

That would be the GORGEOUS sunshine shining down on Abby this morning at the playground!! Felt amazing! 

Me and Maddie at her mother's day program  she has been counting down for this for weeks! I'll have to try to post the book she made me later. It's hilarious!

I really love Mouthers Day! lol

Mother's Day! So blessed to have my sweeties :) 

Her latest favorite thing to do.....make a "scary" picture (this one is of a shark) and then staple the hell out of it and then remove all the staples. Apparently that makes it scarier.

Let's Go Pens!!!!!!!

Abby's last day of preschool picnic!!! I can't believe she is a kindergartner!!!!

Corinny showing her tickets she earned for going on the potty today!! She didn't have a single accident all day! So proud of her and crossing my fingers the rest of it comes just as easy! I can't get over how well she did!

Last time I annoy you with potty progress pictures, I promise  Double fisting popsicles as her reward today.  No accidents again and even did #2 all by herself! For anyone who knows the struggles we went through with Abby for over a year over that, you will know how much RELIEF I feel right now!!!

Abby wrapped a birthday present for her friend's party she is going to tomorrow 100% by herself! I think she did a pretty good job, Christmas paper, masking tape and all! 

Maddie's very cool balloon car that she made at her science center workshop today!

Snippets from tonight's Dance Dress Rehearsal....Abby is now ready to open the show with her cuteness, Maddie can wow us with her acrobatics and Sammi and Maddie are ready hip hop together to finish the show. :)

Typical scene at softball games....Corinne deciding whether to go hang out with Abby's posse or roll down the hill? it's a tough life for an almost 3 year old. 

Took Snow White for ice cream today since her sister got invited to the zoo with a friend  I couldn't leave her out of the fun!

Abby with her dog "Marshall" that she has been carrying around with her all week.   her! As a side note, we were at Maddie's very first inter-squad meet! Sea puppies only had to do one 25m lap freestyle and one 25m lap backstroke but it was the first time Maddie made it the full 25m without stopping AND she came in first in her group for backstroke! And it was so much fun to watch! As someone who really hated swimming growing up and is terrible at it, I never ever expected to enjoy a swim meet so much! (at least I enjoyed this very short one! not sure about the 3 hour ones yet. lol).

Fishing on our Memorial Day camping trip to Yellow Creek State Park!

Gorgeous Morning!

Memorial Day

She loves her new Ice Cream dress for her birthday 

Went to see Grandpa play at the St. Ursula festival tonight! They loved their 1 ride that I could afford. lol.  Told them to save up and bring their own money next year!

 Fun day with our missed preschool friends at the Children's Museum!

Can't believe she will be 3 tomorrow!!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby girl Corinne!! We love you so much and you have brought us more joy than we could ever have imagined!