Sunday, November 30, 2014

November day 306 - 335

 First Pitt game we all get to go together and Corinne's first game ever!! Go Pitt! 

She reminds me of a cat curling up in the sun to take a nap 

The girls watching their new favorite movie, Annie! 

Abby and her buddy Mitchell being silly at roller skating

The uniform has definitely seen better days but we have ourselves another girl scout! 

Thought this was so cute! 

Maddie and Abby's school is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year! So today they got to dress up like the 50s  Maddie is wearing a poodle skirt my Mom made for me when I was a kid. And Abby of course had to add her own flair to her outfit with the purple jacket and sparkled pegged jeans. lol. 

Brownies to celebrate Abby and Frankie's birthday!

Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child

Fun day at the science center with our best friends! 

Happy 6th Birthday to my little peanut!! We love you!! Really fun night at Chuck E Cheese for Abby with some of her closest friends and sisters! I think it will be pretty hard to top this birthday! 

Corinne at tumbling on the balance beam! 

Perfect shirt for Abby!

Tired (but very sweet!) baby who doesn't like to nap on the weekends

Abby reading her first book very independently for 28 eggs and ham! So proud of her!

 The cute little dolls Grandma got the girls in Singapore!

 Love the new outfit Grandma got Abby for her birthday!

Sammi reading Abby's new favorite books, Junie B. Jones

Corinne loved feeding our friend baby Sean! 

One benefit to having an UTI...the purple doctor's gloves they give you to obtain specimen make GREAT Elsa gloves!! ha!

We LOVED going to the Heinz History Museum!

Went to Erie today to meet our newest second cousin! Corinne had to bring Pony along too :)

Corinne got to have her best two friends over for lunch today!

Discovered Diego games on the computer! She was so excited! 

Fun afternoon at Maddie's Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast! 

I have SO much to be thankful for but one thing in particular that I am thankful for today is having a great husband who loves to cook and made this amazing meal for us today!! Happy Thanksgiving!
 — withBrandon Walker.

Awesome day shopping for black friday with an awesome friend, then dinner with everyone together!

Sammi and Maddie marching in the Holiday parade downstairs with Grandpa and Uncle Kevin!

Decorating the tree! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

October days 274-305

Sophia the first event at the library! 

She was so proud of herself for "putting away" the dishes! ha! thanks Corinne! 

Fun flu shots this morning with donuts as the reward. Refused to drag anyone in screaming and kicking like a baby this time and they all did pretty well but Abby by far gets the prize for bravest and didn't even shed a tear! 

This one will either be up for either their graduation party or their wedding :) 

Dance class! 

Fun weekend at our church retreat at Laurelville! 

My baby blue eyes

How can I say no to that face?!

Trying a new braid!

Abby won a coloring contest art school today! Wow!!

So you know those big rocks at Laurelville that ALL the kids love to play on and no one ever seems to get hurt?? Well, I'm really thankful it appears to not be broken, but Maddie came home with a sprained ankle thanks to those rocks!!! So no swim team, recess or gym for the next week or so. Hopefully that's all it will take for it to get better. Her sisters are the best though and made her a card while she was at the doctor's with Daddy! 

First time she wrote her name, all by herself! No one was even in the room with her to help, she just brought me this paper and said look I wrote my name! 

10 year old pictures!! 

Maddie wanted to do every puzzle we own today! lol

Hot cocoa :) 

Last time in the Eagle's Nest  Age 10 seemed SO far off when I first put her in there at 3!

The beautiful view out the back window :) 

Last time in the Eagle's Nest  Age 10 seemed SO far off when I first put her in there at 3!

Look out! Crazy driver on the road tonight!

Oct. 18th. The day I became a wife and one year a later, a Mom! I can not even believe it has been 10 years since my life was changed forever, and I became what I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. As I held her for the first time, I wondered and thought about who my tiny little 5.11 oz baby would become and what she would be like. Even my imagination could not have realized how blessed and overwhelmed I would be 10 years later to have such a smart, compassionate, funny and joyful girl who is now becoming a woman. And although I am emotional and somewhat sad she is growing up and no longer that tiny baby, I am also so excited about the next ten years.  We love you Samantha Jeanne! Happy 10th Birthday!! Picture is from her first birthday party at the dance studio with her friends! 

Second birthday party with family and close friends!! Theme was her "10 favorite things!" So much fun! 

At the library getting more books and movies of her latest obsession! Diego!

You can see what pies Brandon Walker wants! lol. These are the pies we sold for dance

Fun afternoon at the Dinosaur museum!

Zoo field trip today!

Proof all is not wrong with the world. They spent half the class like this today 

Zoo boo!

Pumpkin farm!

Trick or treating at the library! 

Took a beautiful walk this afternoon while on staff retreat. As much as I love my family its really nice to enjoy some peace and quiet!

Maddie moved up to the next level in swim, i had a free coupon and i missed her. eat n park milkshake is in order 

Stuffed animal Halloween parade/party for Corinne at preschool today  She was so cute!

Happy Halloween from my 4 princesses! Amazingly no Elsa or Anna's! lol.